Tom Bylicky
CG Artist


Long story short: my name is Tom (Hi!). A New York based, New England born artist, AND programmer! I have a passion for digital design and creativity, a BFA, a MFA, and around ten years of experience when it comes to digital art and animation. On top of that, I will soon be finishing my third degree in computer science (Programming!).

My multi-disciplinary-creative self has worked on many different projects and in equally as many mediums over the years. Flyers, posters, brochures, websites, user interfaces, stand alone models, character/asset design, animations, short films, and, of course, the traditional, are all in my realm of experience. I've worked with just about EVERY Adobe program ever, and have an extensive background with Autodesk's line of programs including Maya, 3d Studio Max, and Mudbox.

As far as programming, I have training in a large variety of languages ranging from html and css, to C++, as well as familiarity with Linux servers, their operating systems, and several associated languages such as bash.

My peers know me as a productive team member-- actually, that's what some call me: “Mr. Productive” -- whom is able to adapt to the situation as the project calls for it. I am fairly laid back in my demeanor, and I enjoy working and collaborating with others. That said, I am also able to work independently with great success.

Because of my versatile skill set, I can function well in multiple roles. If you are curious, you can find a complete list of programs and skills I have experience with under the resume section of this website. You can also find several of my favorite projects under Portfolio!